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IDC, an important reference and coordination point for Companies dealing with safety and protection Industry

We support and sustain Companies to build their business

IDC, an important reference and coordination point for Companies dealing with safety and protection Industry

In the Security and Safety Industry, International Development Center (IDC) has supported and sustained some important companies to grow and expand their business in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping them to realize their commercial potential.

In order to sustain companies dealing with protection matters, IDC has created commercial platforms, aimed at promoting goods and services, and has offered expert and practical advice and guidance in these fields.

The companies, IDC has recently supported and assisted in last months, are:

  • Lynx;
  • Digit Print Supplies (DPS);
  • Krypton.

LYNX: The Road Security System

Due to the spread of terrorism in different countries, it is necessary to study a system that helps law enforcement officers to prevent terrorist attacks.

In order to do this, LYNX has implemented a system for monitoring the vehicles on the roads.

LYNX is not an “object”. LYNX is a complete “system”. With this system we can monitor and track vehicles, compare the vehicles data with law enforcement officers database and proceed appropriately.

How Lynx works

LYNX consists in a complete system formed of various parts:

  • Lynx RFID tag;
  • Lynx RFID antennas;
  • Lynx RFID reader;
  • 3G/Wi-Fi router;
  • Lynx Server;
  • Server Backup;
  • Lynx Software.

Why Security Industry is so essential now in African Country?

Since September 2001 road security has become a concern for governments worldwide and a significant number of measures taken to strengthen security in the transport sector in the European Union and globally.

The security threat on African roads has become concurrent since drivers, vehicles and cargo are increasingly exploited for criminal activities. Road transport provides an alluring choice for criminals and terrorists because a large percentage of trucks carry hazardous freight which it is easy to conceal barred items. The transportation of dangerous goods is the most common security threat in Africa even though two Directives have already been adopted in this regard; the carriage of all dangerous goods and the carriage of high consequence dangerous goods. Furthermore, the events of 9/11 and the subsequent terrorist attacks have highlighted an entirely new set of security issues in Africa.

African countries are responsible for controlling their own borders, and therefore, security related matters fall under their exclusive competences. Recently, the Security Commission has acknowledged that a Security Environment may be necessary in the fight against terrorism, trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal immigration, organized crime and several other emerging security threats. The Commission has launched several security programs and actively supported security-related research projects.

With the development of new security measures, it is essential that they cover all modes of transport in order to be effective. If one of  the various modes of transport fails to respect set security standards, it steals the basis of the overall security of  the transport infrastructure. Common policies to all modes of transport also avoid loopholes in the supply chain. The importance of road security is becoming more and more visible, and the European Union is expected to address new policy measures in the near future.

Digit Print Supplies (DPS), Digital Processes Security

Digit Print Supplies is the business partner for printing solutions, consulting skills and services for printing companies looking for development and innovation. It is also the distributor of brands for excellence in the field, such as Heidelberg, HP, Man Roland, Polar, Gallus.

Digit Print Supplies is able to assist and support its customers due to its unique, integrated solutions for the printing industry: prepress system, printing machines, bookbinding, application management, consumables, spare parts, services, consulting and training.

Security Printing Supplies

Security printing is printing of items such as security stickers on RFID chip, banknotes, passports, anti-tamper labels, products authentication, stock certificates, diplomas, postage stamps and identity cards.

Digit Print Supplies deals with printing security, in order to guarantee companies the maximum level in Safety and Protection.

The main goal of security printing is to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting. Recently the techniques used to protect these high-value documents have become more available to commercial printers whether they are using the more traditional offset and flexographic presses or the newer digital platforms.

Businesses are protecting their lesser-value documents such as transcripts, coupons and prescription pads by
incorporating some of these features (such microprinting, holograms, UV, Rfi d integration, etc.) to
ensure that they cannot be forged or altered undetected.

Digit Print Supplies employs the most innovative technical methods, available in the market for the security printing industry.

Krypton, the hidden technology. No limits to security

Krypton Technology has developed a method of implementing graphics that carry two pieces of information, where the first one is seen in the visual spectrum, and the other in the infrared spectrum. These images are representing properties of substance in the wave lengths region of the electromagnetic spectrum from 400 to 1000 nm. These can be paintings, secured documents, or clothes. With this device through developed software it will be possible to quantitatively determine the difference between each pictorial element.

The Krypton Technology technique of protection is implemented for detection in the range
of 400 nm to 1000nm.

Krypton Technology theory has many practical applications and methods of implementation. It brings a completely different approach to looking at the color ,dyes, processing of digital images and their final reproduction. All of today’s advanced methods of algorithmic creation of color structures for reproduction are directed to the area of human vision. Methods such as color separation for printing.

Krypton's Security Printing System can be used also for:

  • Food industry applications;
  • Medicines anti-counterfeiting.